Beverage Service and Bar Rental Cincinnati

Beverage Service and Bar Rental Information

A Gogo provides beverage service and bar rental equipment options for many companies in the Cincinnati area.  We provide various items to ensure your meeting is successful. 

Our full line of beverage service and bar  rental options are well maintained, cleaned, durable and competitively priced.  

Please take a look at our pricing and equipment listed below. For more information on each product please click on the product or contact us with any questions.

Beverage Service and Bar Rental Options 

6ft Standar Bar Unit.jpg

6' Straight Bar



Serpentine Bar



Rustic Bar



Bar Stool Rental Cincinnati.jpg


Bar Stool


 Coffee Maker Rental.jpg

Coffee Maker


Coffee Urn Rental.jpg

Coffee Urn


60oz Pitcher Rental.jpg

Plastic Pitcher


150QT Cooler.jpg

150 QT Cooler


 5 Gallon Beverage Dispenser.jpg

Beverage Dispenser