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3 Keys to Dance Floor Rental. How big of a dance floor do I need?


Dance Floor Rental Cincinnati

3 Keys to Dance Floor Rentals. How big of a Dance Floor do I need?

When preparing for a party or wedding adding a dance floor is an excellant touch to keep everyone entertained.  
Knowing how big of a dance floor is needed is important to ensure you have enough room for all of your guest to dance.  
We have developed 3 keys to Dance Floor Rental that are needed to make a decision on what size dance floor rental you need. 
Three keys to Dance Floor Rentals that need to be identified prior to renting your dance floor:
  1. Estimated Guest Count
  2. Location of the Dance Floor (Grass or hard surfaces)
  3. Space Constraints

How big of a dance floor do I need? 

Based on the estimated guest count and knowing your space contraints are the main qualifiers in determing how big of a rental dance floor is needed. On some occasions when a dance floor is placed under a tent in the grass a sub floor may be needed to keep the dance floor level and not eliminate the dance floor from sinking into the grass.

Brain Warning: We are about to embark on a math problem to determine the size of the dance floor needed for your guest count. If you don't want to do the math, you can skip to the bottom and download our free Dance Floor Rental Size Guide, it's all detailed in there. 

In Cincinnati dance floor rental sections come in 3'x3' sections typically. Those 3'x3' sections are pieced together to build your dance floor for your estimated number of guest.  A Rule of thumb for how many dancers will be out on the floor at one time, is to take your guest count and multiple it by 33%.   By taking the estimated number of dancers and using a multiplier of 4.5 - 4.8%(this varies slightly due to the size of the dance floor sections) you can determine how many square feet are required.  Once you have determined how many square feet are required, you can divide that by 9(sq ft in a cincinnati dance floor rental tile) and that will give you the estimated number of tiles needed.  Let's do a quick math explanation. 

The math behind how big of a dance floor you need:

  • If your guest count is 150 people and there are no size constraints
  • To determine the estimated number of dancers you would take 150x33% = 50 dancers.
  • 50dancers x 4.5sq ft = 225sq ft needed for your rental dance floor
  • 225sqft / 9sqft (#of sqft in a 3'x3' dance floor tile) = 25 Tiles
  • So, you would need an estimated number of 25 - 3'x3' Tiles 

Free Dance Floor Size Guide

Not interested in doing the math to decide how big of a dance floor you need! We've done it for you and we've even included illustrations. 
Download our Dance Floor Size Guide for free. 


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