Table Linen Rental 


Table Linen Rental Information

A Gogo provides competitively priced and well maintained table linen rental options in the Greater Cincinnati region for a variety of events and styles.  From weddings & receptions to graduation parties & fundraisers, we have a wide selection of sizes and styles to meet your needs.

Table Linen Rental Pricing

Round Table Linen  Linen Size  Best Fits (Table)  Linen Cost
90x90_Linen_with_Chairs.jpg 90" x 90" Square 48"/60"/72" Round  $9.50
 Outdoor Wedding Linen Rental Cincinnati.jpg 108" Round 48"/60"/72" Round $12.00
 Round Linen Table Rental Cincinnati.jpg 120" Round 60" / 72" Round $14.00
Banquet Table Linen Linen Size    Best Fits (Table)   Linen Cost
52x114_Floor_Length_Linen.jpg 52"x114" Banquet  6' / 8' Banquet  $9.50
90x132_Floor_Length_Linen.jpg 90"x132" Banquet 6' Banquet $18 .00
90x156_Floor_Length_Linen_with_Chairs.jpg 90"x156" Banquet 8' Banquet  $19.00
 Misc Linen Options Linen Size   Best Fits (Table)    Linen Cost
Linen Napkin Rental Cincinnati.jpg Linen Napkins All $.50
Round Table_30inch Round.jpg Spandex Linens 30" / High Top $15.00
Burlap Table Overlays.jpg Burlap Overlays  48"/60"/72" Round $11.00
Burlap Runner Rental Cincinnati.jpg Burlap Runners  All $6.00
Buffet_table_serpetine_Chaffing_dishes.jpg Table Skirting  6' / 8' Banquet $14.00
  Burlap Linens All Please Call
  Specialty Linens All Please Call